What's New!

Maracas Songbook Pick-up Dates: 

Monday May 18th 7:30pm to 9:30pm
Saturday May 23rd 2:30pm to 3:30pm

WHERE: Kitsilano CC entrance to the parking lot on 10th ave (across the street from 2455 West 10th Ave) 

WHEN: Wednesday May 20th 10am to 11am 
WHERE:  St. Stephen's parking lot, 885 22nd Street across from the West Vancouver Rec Centre
WHEN: Thursday May 21st 7:30pm to 9pm
WHERE: Trout Lake CC entrance to the parking lot

HOW: I will have a place where you can stand and a half way point where I will set you book for pick up. I’ll walk over and put it on the pick up spot and walk back and then you can come over and pick it up. Please wait in your car away from the pick up area if there are people already waiting. 


March 30th

Since Music Together®’s inception over 30 years ago, the utmost value has been placed on in-person, community-oriented music classes. We believe that is the best way to experience music...TOGETHER! However, we now find ourselves in an unprecedented time where we are being asked to stay home for the safety of others around us. 

Let us continue to bring The Joy of Family Music® making into your living room, while keeping the 'together' in Music Together.   


Music Together Onlineis a package of online music experiences and resources that create a comprehensive music learning program. Each week you'll get:

  • One 30-minute live, interactive Zoom class with your beloved teacher. There will be extra time for kids to muck about with each other on the camera and adults to chat and text each other in the chat box before and after class. (Maximum 12 families)

  • All NEW music from the Maracas collection via digital download of both the music and the songbook. (We’re hoping for a Maracas “Get Your Book” party in June if we’re safe by then.)

  • A new West Side Music Together family portal for registered families with additional videos related to parent education, musical crafts, lullabies, music mini sessions, and more at www.westsidemusictogether.ca

  • Downloadable family resources (colouring pages, musical games, etc) on the Music Together Family Zone at www.MusicTogether.com

  • Access to videos from our very own Uncle Gerry, exclusively for enrolled Music Together Online families 

  • 8 weeks of classes starting the week of April 7th (We’ll do another online session if we’re still housebound by June!)

How Does is Work? 
We know screen timeisn’t generally recommended for this age group, but here’s the difference: YOU! When children stare at a screen and passively receive information, they don’t take it in the same way nor do they learn in the same way as when they have the active participation of a caregiver or parent. SO, just like in our classes, you’re still the most important part. Your teacher will be on the screen, they might see their classmates on the screen, but it is truly the interaction of the parent/caregiver with the child that is going to continue their music development! Seeing and hearing you speaking the language of music is vital for them to learn the language themselves. Children learn any language at this age by listening to the adults around them speak that language. Music is no different. Your teacher won’t be “performing” for everyone online, but instead, just as always, she’ll be facilitating all the adults participation and role modeling for their little ones! We encourage you to participate the same way you would normally in the classroom even if your child wanders away and comes back frequently through the class. We will support each other as grown-ups in this experience and we will be receiving a lots of benefits ourselves like increased endorphin and oxitocin levels and generally 'upping' our mood through the act of making music. Lucky us! 
We are offering our 8 week online package for $140 per family and we encourage the whole family to participate together no matter their age. Your teachers will be paid their full salary for every class they teach. We thank you for the good word of mouth you've been sharing about us and we'd love to bring your friends into our community. Making music with more families will help us stay afloat! And, of course, we all make the world a better place when we make it more musical. 

What do I Need? 

*You'll automatically be prompted to download the free Zoom App when you click on the link for your Zoom class and here's a short video on how to join a Zoom class for easy reference. 

*You'll need something to view the class on so having a laptop, desktop,  phone or  tablet is necessary. 

*That's it!!! 

Lastly, please let me encourage you to think of this offering as a way to connect with your child, your teacher and with others in your community. We need each other during this time and we need music. We need something on this new quarantine schedule that is predictable, joyful, and reassuring! And even though we can’t be together in person, we can still be silly, interactive and playful “together” online. We hope you’ll join us!

Stay home. Stay healthy. We love you!

March 19th 2020

Hello Everybody, 

I want to thank you so much for your patience as we wind our way through this weedy path! The Spring Music Together session is very much on my mind and I wanted to give you an update. I am participating in a worldwide Music Together meeting today and I'm hoping to have some more options become available to us after this meeting. We are also putting together some free online projects in the next 24 hours to help everyone keep the music making alive at home! 

The biggest change to the Spring term would be a move to online classes through Zoom should we all have to remain in isolation well into (or for all) of the Spring term. 

Here's what we're hoping for and reaching out to you to request...

St. James, St. Stephen's, and Lakeview families who are currently registered - hang in there! We are exploring options to run the term in some way including making sure you are able to pick up your Songbook in a safe and social distancing manner. We will make sure everyone is refunded fairly should it come to that but if you ARE able to hang on.....we are working as fast as we can to create something wonderful and make music possible for you and your family! 

City of Vancouver and West Vancouver community centre families (UBC, Kerrisdale, KitsCC, False Creek, Douglas Park, Roundhouse, Britannia, Trout Lake, Gleneagles) - I believe the comminity centres will start refunding ALL the Spring programs for everyone in Vancouver and West Vancouver (holy hannah what a job!). This is out of our control. However, we are hoping to do the same for you as well and create something wonderful for everyone online. We will be in touch soon about how you can register for an online term and receive your new songbook and a CD full of new songs! 

Again I cannot thank you enough for your patience through all of this! We are navigating Music Together licensing regulations, pricing, how to create a high quality online experience, training teachers in this new platform...there's a lot to figure out but it will be worth it!! We want these classes to be interactive, fun, and of course a beautiful way for you and your family to connect through music. We want more than just screen time. We want a genuine in-home family music making experience! 

SMS TEXTING - We are also looking into to offering WSMT communication through text so please keep and eye out for an SMS opt-in email and then we can reach via text so you don't have check your email if you don't wish to. 


You can also check the home page of our website, our Facebook page or find us on Instagram for updates. 

Big love to you all and I hope you are enjoying the sunshine, some good wine, and time with your littles. Stay safe and if you're out working in an industry that supports us all, thank you, thank you, thank you! We are grateful. 

All the best and be well, 

March 16th 2020

Hello Everybody, 

Well these are interesting times! We wanted to update you on how we are moving forward at West Side Music Together in the coming weeks in response to the corona virus outbreak. 

Regarding the upcoming snow day and teacher illness make-ups classes happening between now and April 3rd: 

We have emailed affected families about cancellations but feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions.  

Regarding the Spring term: 

We are still accepting registrations at St. James, St. Stephens, Lakeview, and the Old Barn CC. We will update you once the City of Vancouver and West Vancouver community centres reopen their registration (online regsitraiton MIGHT still be open).  We want you to rest assured that we will only be charging families for classes that actually happen. We will either adjust our start and end date as best we can or start very late and refund families the difference. If we are unable to run our term at all, we will offer a full refund for the term. 

What is changing in our classrooms? 

I want to let you know that we have upgraded and changed our disinfecting regimes. 

We have eliminated the 'dry' bucket and will be disinfecting everything moving forward indefinitely. 

We have upgraded our disinfectant to Benefect and will be using this on all instruments moving forward.

Teachers will be washing their hands frequently. 

We will be asking families to wash their hands before and after class. ; ) 

Alcohol based hand sanitizers and tissues will be available for everyone. 

Music is good for you!

During this time, please know that participating in music is a huge immune booster for you and your children:

  • Group singing within your family stimulates the secretion of the protein Immunoglobulin-A, enhancing immune function. Check out  how the communities in Italy connected through music during their isolation. 
  • Drumming increases Natural Killer Cell activity stimulated by cytokines Interleukin II and Gamma Interferon-Helper Th1 cells.
  • Humming increases nitric oxide exchange in the paranasal sinuses.
  • Singing releases endorphins into your system.
  • Singing stimulates circulation and tones the diaphragm, abdominal, and intercostal muscles.

Stay healthy and keep making music! 

All the best, 
West Side Music Together